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  • Souvenir/Handicraft Shopping
The Art Markets is filled with handicrafts, sculptures, paintings, figurines and masks. Gabon is known for its extensive support in promoting their historical masks. Many tourists buy local masks as souvenirs.
Location: Marché Artisanal / Art Markets

  • Libreville Golf Club
Golf club de Libreville offers a golf course complete with all golfing products, services and amenities.
Tel: +241 760 378
Location: BP 15159, Libreville

  • Beach Bumming
Many beach resorts are within close proximity to Libreville central. Ekwata Beach, Pointe Denis Beach and a few others more are only about 30-60 minutes boat ride away. Snorkeling, swimming, and even surfing in some beaches are possible. Beach camping is practiced by many locals, and tourists opt to stay for an overnight or two at resorts near the coastal.