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Libreville has limited cinema halls. President Omar Bongo and his wife encouraged filmmaking in the year 1970. The Gabonese filmmaking industry produced very few films during 1970 - 1980. After a gap of 20 years, filmmaking started to rise again. Imunga Ivanga made few short films in the 1990s. His feature film Dôlè (2000) won festival awards at Carthage, Cannes and Milan. Few more filmmakers like Henri-Joseph Koumba Bididi, Ivunga and Mory and Amédée Pacôme Nkoulou made more films, documentaries.

Cinema halls in Libreville

Cinema le Komo
Address: 9CWW+JQ5, Libreville, Gabon

Address: Rousselot 4ème arr, Quartier Roger Buttin Rue Jean Marie, Port-Gentil, Gabon