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Shopping at Libreville's vibrant, lively markets like Akebe-Plaine, Nkembo, and Mon-Bouet is fun to find souvenirs like wooden carvings, Fang masks, pottery, figurines etc. and authentic, traditional crafts. A city centre is also a good place for shopping where large shopping centres like Mbolo, Géant Ckdo are located. The lively market is an excellent place to find bargains for gifts and souvenirs.


Supergros is a hypermarket and a consumer's paradise. Common in hypermarkets are services of butchers, bakers, winery and deli counters. From household interior products to clothing and food, Supergros is another one-stop shopping destination.

Address: CC2Q+79C, Libreville, Gabon

Mbolo Shopping Centre

Mbolo is a French-style supermarket. International brand names of clothing, accessories, electronics, fashion, food and many more can be found inside Mbolo.

Address: Bd Triomphal, Libreville, Gabon

Marche Mont-Bouet

Marche Mont-Bouet is an open market in Libreville, with hundreds of stalls selling clothing, jewellery, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fabric, household goods, etc. Everything and anything under the sun can be found in this market. Be wary of personal belongings and pickpocketer.

Prix Import

Prix Import is the largest store in Libreville, selling various products from meat, fruits & vegetables to wines, alcohol, clothing, electronic products.

Address: 9CXQ+QM8, Libreville 2176, Gabon

Supermarkets in Libreville

Ckdo Géant
Address: N1, Libreville, Gabon

Géant Casino
Address: Bd Triomphal, Libreville, Gabon

CECADO - Nzeng Ayong
Address: CFG9+3P7, Libreville, Gabon

Supermarché CECADO
Address: Rte d'Ambowe, Libreville, Gabon

Marina Market
Address: L101, Libreville, Gabon

Address: Libreville, Gabon

Address: 9FGH+64W, Libreville, Gabon

Aziz bon prix
Address: 814, Libreville, Gabon