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Supergros is a hypermarket and a consumer's paradise. Common in hypermarkets are services of butchers, bakers, winery and deli counters. From household interior products, to clothing and food, Supergros is another one-stop shopping destination.
  • Tel: +241 743 357
  • Location: BP 89, Libreville

Mbolo Shopping Center

Mbolo is a French-style mall. International brand names of clothing, accessories, electronics, fashion, food and many more, can be found inside Mbolo.
  • Tel: +241 743 137
  • Location: BP 3955, Libreville

Marche du Mont-Bouet

Marche du Mont-Bouet is an open market place, stacked with products, food and shoppers. Avoid spending Saturday mornings in the area. It is when massive waves of people come in to shop for low prices and newly arrived batch of items. Everything and anything under the sun can be found in the market. Be wary of personal belongings as fast crowds come and go.
  • Location: Libreville

Prix Import

Prix Import offers wholesale and retail sales. The retail market covers products for Butcher's, Hardware, Perfumery and personal hygiene, Bazaar, Fresh and frozen food, and an extensive winery shelves. The wholesale area offers a showroom for customers to inspect each product.
  • Tel: +241 724 676
  • Location: BP 2176, Libreville
  • URL: Prix Import



  • Tel: +241 724 676
  • Location: BP 2176, Libreville

San Supermarket

  • Tel: +241 700 161
  • Location: (Direction Nomba) BP 20017, Libreville

Score Supermarket

  • Tel: +241 746 137
  • Location: BP 3955, Libreville

Super Louis Supermarket

  • Tel: +241 733 184
  • Location: BP 20 168, Libreville

Viga Supermarket

  • Tel: +241 761 271
  • Location: BP 1061, Libreville