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The economy of Gabon has strong links with France, foreign investments, dependency on skilled foreign labour. Gabon's per capita income is much higher than the other nations of sub-Saharan Africa. The oil industry accounts for almost 50% of GDP and 80% of exports. Oil production is now declining, and low oil prices have had a negative impact on the economy. The Gabonese government has decided to diversify its economy.

The country's livelihood is highly dependent on exporting crude oil, timber, manganese and uranium to the USA, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa and Canada. The import goods are machinery, food, chemicals and construction material mainly from France and Cameroon, Belgium and China.

Gabon has incredible natural resources. Being located at Gabon's northwest coast, Libreville also thrives on shipbuilding. The sawmill and brewing industries also contribute to the city's economy. Many landmarks and important structures like universities, museums, government seats, churches and banks are conveniently clustered in Libreville.

Libreville exports raw materials like rubber, wood and cocoa from its port and the deepwater port at Owendo.

Gabon Airlines has its headquarters in Libreville. The French Army's 6th Marine Infantry Battalion is based in the north of Libreville.