Libreville, Gabon » City Info

Libreville is the largest and capital city of Gabon. Gabon (officially the Gabonese Republic) is a Central African country located on the equator. Decades after its liberation from France, the French flair is still seen in the city. Wide roads, palm trees and an affluent cultural acknowledgement make Libreville the celebrated urban pod today.

Libreville is a port on the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea. After the independence from France in 1960, the city has grown rapidly and has almost one-third of the national population.

The city is home to architecturally designed structures than historic buildings. Libreville's boulevard includes the marina, interesting institutions and many intriguing landmarks. Compared to the other African cities and regions, Libreville is one of the most expensive cities.

Area of Gabon267,667 kmĀ² (103,347 sq. mi.)
Population of Gabon 2,119, 275 (2018)
Population of Libreville834,000 (2020)
Time Zone of GabonUTC+1 (WAT)
Official LanguageFrench