Libreville, Gabon » City Info

Libreville is slowly taking the Gabon flagship to moral heights. Decades after its liberation from France, the French flair is still visible in the city. Wide roads, palm trees and a rich cultural acknowledgment make Libreville the celebrated urban pod that it is today.

The city of Libreville offers activities for the visual and gastronomical senses. There are more architecturally designed structures than historical buildings, and these institutions lay out an interesting background whilst cruising around this high-class city. 

Libreville's boulevard includes the marina, interesting institutions and many intriguing landmarks. Near-by beaches are easily becoming weekend getaways for city dwellers. Compared to most African countries, and in the Sub-Saharan region, Libreville could be one of the most expensive cities in Africa.

Surface Area267,667 kmĀ²
Population of Gabon1,383,000
Population of Libreville600,000 Approx.
Time ZoneUCT +1
ReligionChristians 55%-75%, Muslims 1%
Official LanguageFrench