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Gabon has a rich history and cultural heritage. Because of the majority of the Christan population, festival celebrations of the Christian religion are widely observed in Gabon. Christmas and New Year are widely celebrated with music, festive buffets and street parties. Gabon also celebrates historical and national festivals and events. Some exciting events are organised to celebrate Gabon's culture: are Festival of Cultures, the Nature & Environment film festival, Les Nuits Atypiques de Mighoma and many more.

Gabon's Independence Day

Gabon got its independence from France on August 17 1960. Military parades and events are held in Gabonese cities on August 17 every year. Many Gabonese flags are put up throughout the country.

New Year's Day

New Year's Day and Eve are celebrated with a big bang throughout Libreville. Lavish festivities are prepared throughout the country, especially in hotels, restaurants, and clubs. Musicals, parties, and concerts are organised at different venues.

Founding of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG)

This national holiday on March 12 is celebrated in honour of the founding of the PDG in 1968.

Gabao Hip Hop Festival

This music festival is the most attention-grabbing event in Gabon's capital, Libreville. Artists from neighbouring countries like Chad, Cameroon, Congo, DRC, Central African Republic, and The Republic of Guinea perform.


Akini-a-loubou festival aims to promote dancers from Africa. In this two weeks festival dancers from neighbouring countries participate to show their talents.