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Libreville, Gabon's largest city, offers several activities and attractions to visit. Compared to the neighbouring countries and cities, the coastal city is much more modern and posh. One can taste a cosmopolitan lifestyle at the high rises, various nightspots, luxury shops and luxury cars. Though Libreville is a fascinating cultural destination, tourists should know that the city is one of sub-Saharan's most expensive cities.

Get in

By Plane

Most travellers arrive by air at the Leon M'ba International Airport in Libreville. Airlines with regular flights to Libreville include Air France, Turkish Airlines, and other African airlines.

By Train

Trans-Gabon railway connects Libreville with Franceville. The railway station is located near the port and is about 10km (6.2miles) from the city centre of Libreville.

Get around

The fastest way to get around in Libreville is by taxi. The taxi fare can be negotiated with the driver depending on the distance. Taxi fares will double after 9:00pm. Shared taxis are cheaper than non-shared taxis. Public transport cars in Libreville are not in good condition. They have broken doors, no seatbelts. Similar types of public transport include mini-buses are available for long distances.


Like all big cities, Libreville has its share of crime. Be careful while sharing taxis and using hiring at night. Don't roam around in deserted areas and on the beach after dark. Be vigilant about your personal belongings, important documents and valuables. Always carry a copy of your passport and visa as the police often try to extort money for some alleged infraction.

When to go to Libreville, Gabon

Since Libreville is a coastal city, it experiences a tropical monsoon climate with a long wet season and short dry season. The best time to visit Libreville is during the dry season between June and August or the warmest months ie. December and January.

Important Phrases

ByeAu revoir
Thank YouMerci
Excuse Me / SorryExcusez-moi
PleaseS'il vous plaît
I don't speak FrenchJe ne parle pas français
I speak a little FrenchJe parle un peu français
Please speak slowlyParlez lentement, s'il vous plaît
Do you speak English?Parlez-vous anglais?
Can you help me, please?Pouvez-vous m'aider, s'il vous plaît?
Train stationLa gare
The AirportL'aeroport
A roomUne chambre
A NoteUn billet
The BathroomLa sale de bains / La toilette
A Public PhoneUne téléphone public