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To know more about Gabonese history, art and culture, make sure you visit the museums listed below while in Libreville, Gabon.

National Museum of Arts and Traditions (Musée National des Arts, Rites et Traditions)

The National Museum of Arts and Traditions of Gabon is committed to promoting the cultural diversity of Gabon by organising exhibitions. The museum has a botanical garden which includes local plant species, a sound archive room, a reading room.

Address: Avenue du General de Gaulle, BP 3115, Libreville.

French Cultural Centre (Centre Culturel Francais de Libreville)

The French Cultural Centre is the venue for musicals, exhibits, recitals, conferences and conventions. Festivals and concerts are also held in the centre. There are theatre and cinema halls also.

Address: Boulevard Triomphal, BP 2103, Libreville.

Gabon National Museum (Musée national du Gabon)

Gabon National Museum is home to many precious Gabonese artefacts. Collections of masks, sculptures, carvings and artworks are displayed in the museum. It is also a venue for temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

Address: BP 1007, Libreville.