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Gabonese food is a blend of French flavours and traditional African ingredients. The food consists of meat, fish, and bushmeat served with sauces, hot red-pepper paste and vegetables. Various French specialities are available in large cities, while food staples such as cassava, rice, and yams are used in small towns and villages.

Le Confidentiel
Address: Bord de Mer 500m apres IPI9 en direction de l'aeroport, Libreville Gabon.

Le Lokua
Address: Glass Quarter, Libreville Gabon.

Address: Montee Louis, Libreville Gabon.

Restaurant U Piscadore (Le Sud)
Address: Glass, Libreville Gabon.

Le Phare Du Large
Address: Baterie IV, Libreville Gabon.

Sky Life
Address: Pont de Guegue, Libreville 20294 Gabon.

River Lodge
Address: Libreville Gabon Pointe Denis, Libreville Gabon.

La residence du phare
Address: Rond point les Jardins de Jade Quartier La Sabliere, Libreville Gabon.

Address: Complexe Majestic, Libreville Gabon.

Le Bateau Ivre
Address: 9 Bord De Mer, Libreville Gabon.